I have two new series under development. One is set in Hawaii and one is set in Alaska.


Sand and Sea Hawaiian Mysteries: Book 1 Murder at Dolphin Bay will publish in March 2016. It features a twenty-four year old lifeguard name Kailani (Lani) Pope who wants nothing more than to be a cop. She has worked her whole life for this but due to several variables such as her tiny size and impulsive nature, she has not made it to the top of the waiting list. In book 1 a murder occures at the resort where she works and she is determined to solve it before HPD so that she can prove how valuable she would be to the police force she dreams of becoming a member of.


Rescue Alaska Northern Mysteries: Book 1 as of yet untitled will publish in the fall. It is loosly based on the search and rescue team that were introduced in Alaskan Alliance - Zoe Donovan #12. I am going to change a few things to better meet my needs for a series, but the town of Moosehead and the basic characters will be the same.