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Halloween Bay SOCIAL MEDIA.jpg

Cottage on Gooseberry Bay
Halloween Bay

The whole gang turns out to help with the haunted house and related community events until someone close to them turns up dead.

Once Upon a Haunting SOCIAL MEDIA.jpg

The Bookstore at Holiday Bay
Once Upon a Haunting

When the investigation into the authenticity of the haunted house the group selects begins to create modern day problems for Lonnie, who has won the bid to remodel the mansion, Lou is forced to admit that the group may have gotten themselves in to something they likely shouldn't have.


05 - Clues and Canines SOCIAL MEDIA.jpg

The Bistro at Holiday Bay
Clues and Canines

When a local dog walker witnesses something odd, which in her mind could only have been the aftermath of a gruesome murder, she calls Colt, only to find that by the time he arrives the body, along with any evidence that ever existed, is long gone. Colt wants to believe the woman but the evidence suggests otherwise so when he suggests that maybe this particular dog walker hadn’t seen what she thought she had, she hires Beck to prove otherwise.


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