Zoe Donovan Mystery

A cozy mystery series set in the small lakeside town of Ashton Falls, a quaint village with a big heart but a tiny local budget. Each novel focuses on a simple murder mystery against the backdrop of family holidays and quirky festivals designed to bring in the almighty tourist dollar. Zoe is a free spirited animal lover who, along with her dog Charlie, works as an animal rehabilitation and relocation officer.  If there is murder afoot you can bet that Zoe, along with friends Zak, Levi, and Ellie, will be on the case.  

A Whales and Tails Cozy Mystery
A cozy mystery series set on a fictional island among the San Juan Island Chain.  When she isn't tracking down killers, rescuing cats, or helping her Aunt Maggie with Harthaven Cat Sanctuary, Caitlin Hart runs Coffee Cat Books with her best friend Tara.
Sand and Sea Hawaiian Island Mystery
A cozy mystery series set on the Hawaiian Island of Oahu. Kailani Pope wants nothing more than to follow in the footsteps of her grandfather, father, and brothers by becoming a member of the Honoulu Police Department. The problem is that due to several factors she is having a hard time making her dreams come true. 
Seacliff High Teen Mystery
A teen mystery set on the Oregon Coast. The series features high school student Alyson Prescott, a sixteen year old girl in witness protection, and the friends she meets at her new high school. The friends tackle various types of mysteries in each book in the series.