Zimmerman Academy

Zimmerman Academy is a series of novella's as told from the point of view of the minor characters of the Zoe Donovan Series.  

The New Normal

Zimmerman Academy 

This novella is a spinoff of the popular Zoe Donovan Mystery Series. In this first short story Zoe's best friend Ellie receives some bad news, meets a new man, and helps to solve a murder while Zak and Zoe are out of the country.

New Beginnings

Zimmerman Academy 


Zimmerman Academy is a spinoff of the popular Zoe Donovan Series. Each novella is told from the perspective of one of the minor characters. Book 2 in the series - New Beginnings - is told from the perspective of Zimmerman Academy principal Phyllis King. This particular edition has two parts. In the first part of the book I have reprinted all of the Zimmerman Academy Shorts as narrated by Phyllis which were included in the Zoe Donovan Books: Hopscotch Homicide, Ghostly Graveyard, and Santa Sleuth.

Part two of the book is a new short story titled The Birthday Mystery. This story takes place on Phyllis's sixty-third birthday. She is planning a quiet evening at home, much like the sort of evening she has spent on her previous birthdays, when Hazel Hampton (the town librarian), Ethan Carlton (Zimmerman Academy History Professor), and Luke Donovan (Zoe's grandpa and Hazel's boyfriend) pull her into a birthday mystery.




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