Zoe Donovan Ashton Falls Mystery

A cozy-lite mystery series set in the small lakeside town of Ashton Falls, a quaint village with a big heart but a tiny local budget. Each short novel focuses on a simple murder mystery against the backdrop of family holidays and quirky festivals designed to bring in the almighty tourist dollar. Zoe is a free spirited animal lover who, along with her dog Charlie, works as an animal rehabilitation and relocation officer.  If there is murder afoot you can bet that Zoe, along with friends Zak, Levi, and Ellie, will be on the case.  

Maui Madness:

​A Zoe Donovan Mystery

Maui Madness is book 7 in the popular Zoe Donovan Cozy Mystery series. Set in Maui, Zoe and the gang become involved in a kidnapping, murder, and search for a sunken treasure while on vacation in the tropical paradise. Join the gang as they dine in popular restaurants, go shopping, try surfing, and make new friends only to have to decide who they can trust and who may be hiding more than it would appear.

Derby Divas

A Zoe Donovan Mystery 

Zoe is busy juggling the demands of friends and family as the town of Ashton Falls gears up for the annual classic car show and demolition derby. When one of the members of the Derby Divas demolition team dies in a fiery crash the day before the event is set to begin, Zoe must set aside the demands of friends in crisis and wedding planning to solve a mystery that is much more complicated than it would appear.

Haunted Hamlet:

​A Zoe Donovan Mystery



When a ghost hunter is murdered in a haunted house days before Haunted Hamlet, the annual Halloween festival, Zoe is pulled into a murder investigation where the prime suspect is living impared.