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Zoe Donovan Mystery

Halloween Hijinks

The Trouble With Turkeys

Christmas Crazy

Cupid’s Curse

Big Bunny Bump-off

Beach Blanket Barbie

Maui Madness

Derby Divas

Haunted Hamlet

Turkeys, Tuxes, and Tabbies

Christmas Cozy

Alaskan Alliance

Matrimony Meltdown

Soul Surrender

Heavenly Honeymoon

Hopscotch Homicide

Ghostly Graveyard

Santa Sleuth 

Shamrock Shenanigans

Kitten Kaboodle 

Costume Catastrophe 

Candy Cane Caper 

Holiday Hangover

Easter Escapade

Camp Carter

Trick or Treason 

Reindeer Roundup

Hippity Hoppity Homicide

Firework Fiasco

Henderson House

Holiday Hostage 

Lunacy Lake

Celtic Christmas 

Deja Diva 



The Inn at Holiday Bay

Boxes in the Basement 

Letters in the Library

Message in the Mantel

Answers in the Attic 

Haunting in the Hallway 

Pilgrim in the Parlor

Note in the Nutcracker

Blizzard in the Bay

Proof in the Photo

Gossip in the Garden

Ghost in the Gallery

Turkey in the Trap Room

Cookies in the Cottage

Details in the Document - March 2021

Clue in the Clam - Spring 2021

Rescue Alaska Mystery

Finding Justice

Finding Answers 

Finding Courage

Finding Christmas

Finding Shelter



Cottage on Gooseberry Bay

Halloween Moon 

Thanksgiving Past 

Gooseberry Christmas

Kiss 'N Tell

Charmed Summer

A Summer Thing - Summer 2021

A Tess and Tilly Cozy Mystery

The Christmas Letter

The Valentine Mystery 

The Mother's Day Mishap 

The Halloween House

The Thanksgiving Trip 

The Saint Paddy's Promise 

The Halloween Haunting

The Christmas Clause

The Puppy Project 

The Wedding Plan

The Baby Plan - June 2021