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Series by Kathi Daley in Order

The Inn at Holiday Bay

(Series Ongoing)

Boxes in the Basement 

Letters in the Library

Message in the Mantel

Answers in the Attic 

Haunting in the Hallway 

Pilgrim in the Parlor

Note in the Nutcracker

Blizzard in the Bay

Proof in the Photo

Gossip in the Garden

Ghost in the Gallery

Turkey in the Trap Room

Cookies in the Cottage

Details in the Document

Clue in the Clam 

Portent in the Pages 

Poison in the Pudding 

Lantern in the Lighthouse

Hint in the Hashtag

Pawn in the Pumpkin Patch

Secret in the Santa 

Riddle in the Review 

Clue in the Carriage House 

Witness in the Wedding

Christmas in the Candlelight

Secret in the Storm

Clue in the Cottage 

Message in the Manuscript

Trouble in the Theatre 

Rescue Alaska Mystery

(Series Ongoing)

Finding Justice

Finding Answers 

Finding Courage

Finding Christmas

Finding Shelter

Finding Motive

Finding Hope 

Finding Destiny

Tj Jensen Mystery: 

(Series Complete)

Pumpkins in Paradise

Snowmen in Paradise 

Bikinis in Paradise

Christmas in Paradise

Puppies in Paradise

Halloween in Paradise

Treasure in Paradise

Fireworks in Paradise 

Beaches in Paradise 

Thanksgiving in Paradise 

Legacy in Paradise

Island Reunion Mystery:

(Series Complete)

Summerhouse Reunion

Topsail Sundays 

Campfire Secrets 

Summerhouse Reunion the Complete Story

A Cat in the Attic Mystery

(Series Complete)

The Curse of Hollister House

The Mystery Before Christmas 

The Case of the Cupid Caper

The Legend of Logan Pond

The Magic of Halloween Night 

Seacliff High Teen Mystery:

(Series Complete)

The Secret

The Curse

The Relic

The Conspiracy

The Grudge

The Shadow

The Haunting 

Haunting By The Sea:

(Series Complete)

Homecoming By The Sea 

Secrets By The Sea 

Missing By The Sea

Betrayal By The Sea

Thanksgiving By The Sea 

Christmas By The Sea - 

A Christmas Haunting 

Resort at Castaway Bay

(Series Ongoing)

Truth or Dare

Lost and Found 

Trick or Treat 

Now and Then 

Proof or Perish

Hide and Seek

Fit or Fatality 

Innocent or Guilty

Fact or Fiction 

Bookstore at Holiday Bay

(Series Ongoing)

Once Upon a Mystery

Once Upon a Haunting 

Once Upon a Christmas

Once Upon a Clue

Once Upon a Harvest Moon 


Bistro at Holiday Bay

(Series Ongoing)

Opera and Old Lace 

Moonlight and Broomsticks

Cupid and Cool Jazz 

Sunshine and Sweet Wine

Clues and Canines

Ravioli and Resolutions 

Homecoming and Homicide 

Mummies and Moonshine 

Road to Romance Mystery:

(Series Ongoing)





Road to Christmas - Holly and Harper


Sand And Sea

(Series Complete)

Murder at Dolphin Bay

Murder at Sunrise

Murder at the Witching Hour

Murder at Christmas

Murder at Turtle Cove

Murder at Waters Edge

Murder at Midnight

Murder at Pope Investigations 

Zoe Donovan Mystery:

(Series Complete)

Halloween Hijinks

The Trouble With Turkeys

Christmas Crazy

Cupid’s Curse

Big Bunny Bump-off

Beach Blanket Barbie

Maui Madness

Derby Divas

Haunted Hamlet

Turkeys, Tuxes, and Tabbies

Christmas Cozy

Alaskan Alliance

Matrimony Meltdown

Soul Surrender

Heavenly Honeymoon

Hopscotch Homicide

Ghostly Graveyard

Santa Sleuth 

Shamrock Shenanigans

Kitten Kaboodle 

Costume Catastrophe 

Candy Cane Caper 

Holiday Hangover

Easter Escapade

Camp Carter

Trick or Treason 

Reindeer Roundup

Hippity Hoppity Homicide

Firework Fiasco

Henderson House

Holiday Hostage 

Lunacy Lake

Celtic Christmas 

Deja Diva 

Sleuths, Sleighs & Siblings

Miracles, Mysteries, and Memories


Cottage on Gooseberry Bay

(Series Ongoing)

Halloween Moon 

Thanksgiving Past 

Gooseberry Christmas

Kiss 'N Tell

Charmed Summer

A Summer Thing 

A Geek Thing

Santa Who? 

Sister Spy

Twist of Fate

A Christmas Memory

Time Will Tell 

Halloween Bay

The Christmas Baby

'Til Death

A Sister Thing

A Tess and Tilly Cozy Mystery

(Series Ongoing)

The Christmas Letter

The Valentine Mystery 

The Mother's Day Mishap 

The Halloween House

The Thanksgiving Trip 

The Saint Paddy's Promise 

The Halloween Haunting

The Christmas Clause

The Puppy Project 

The Wedding Plan

The Baby Plan 

The Ghostly Groundskeeper 

The Murder Chronicles 

The Castle Caper

The Christmas Visitor 

The Sleuthing Game 

The Firework Frenzy 

The Ghost Therapist 

Whales and Tails Mystery:

(Series Complete)

Romeow and Juliet

The Mad Catter

Grimm's Furry Tail

Much Ado About Felines

The Legend of Tabby Hollow

The Cat of Christmas Past

A Tale of Two Tabbies

The Great Catsby 

Count Catula 

The Cat of Christmas Present 

A Winters Tail

Taming of the Tabby


The Cat of Christmas Future

Farewell to Felines

A Whisker in Time

The Catsgiving Feast 

A Whale of a Tail

The Catnap Before Christmas

A Mew Beginning

Catastrophe in the Making

Writers Retreat Mystery

(Series Complete)

First Case

Second Look

Third Strike 

Fourth Victim 

Fifth Night 

Sixth Cabin 

Seventh Chapter

Eighth Witness

Ninth Grave

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