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The Inn at Holiday Bay Facebook.jpg
Letters in the Library Facebook.jpg
Message in the Mantel Facebook.jpg
Answers in the Attic Facebook.jpg
Haunting in the Hallway Facebook.jpg
Pilgrim in the Parlor Final.jpg
Note in the Nutcracker Facebook.jpg
Blizzard in the Bay Facebook.jpg
Clue in the Clam SOCIAL MEDIA.jpg
Proof in the Photo Facebook.jpg
Portent in the Pages SOCIAL MEDIA.jpg
Gossip in the Garden Facebook.jpg
Poison in the Pudding Working SOCIAL MEDIA.jpg
Ghost in the Galley Final.jpg
Turkey in the Trap-Room Facebook.jpg
Lantern in the Lighthouse SOCIAL MEDIA.jpg
Hint in the Hashtag SOCIAL MEDIA.jpg
Cookies in the Cottage SOCIAL MEDIA.jpg
Pawn in the Pumpkin Patch SOCIAL MEDIA.jpg
Details in the Document SOCIAL MEDIA.jpg
Secret in the Santa SOCIAL MEDIA.jpg
Riddle in the Review Working (4).jpg

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