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Cast Holiday Bay

As of December 2023

The Inn at Holiday Bay

Abby Sullivan – owner of the inn (Rufus – cat, Molly – dog)

Georgia Carter – minority owner and inn manager (Ramos – dog)

Jeremy Slater – full-time inn employee

Mylie Slater – Jeremy’s wife and full-time inn employee

Annabelle Cole – Jeremy’s niece – lives with Jeremy and Mylie

Haven Hanson – full-time inn employee (Baxter – dog)

Police Chief Colt Wilder – Police Chief and Abby’s boyfriend

Tanner Peyton – Georgia’s boyfriend (dog training academy)

Lonnie and Lacy Parker – Abby and Colt’s best friends

      (Parker Children - Michael, Matthew, Mark, Mary, Meghan, Madison/Maddie)

Officer Alex Weston – Colt’s #2 – (Cooper/Coop – dog)

Gabby Gibson – police dispatcher


The Bistro at Holiday Bay

Shelby Morris – owner of the bistro (Hennessy – cat)

Amy Hogan – Shelby’s business partner and friend (Marley – cat)

Dawson Westwood – bar manager

Kennedy Swanson – dining room manager

Addie Swanson – Kennedy’s daughter

Nikki Peyton – waitress – Tanner’s sister

Lucy – waitress – lives with Eden Halliwell

Charmaine Kettleman – waitress

Cambria – sous chef

Beck Cage – PI with office in Bistro

Leo Atwell – lives next to Shelby – sort of dating Alex (Fisher – dog)

Brit Baxter – writer, mentoring Addie Swanson

Sierra Danielson – Shelby’s half sister

Sage Wilson – Shelby’s half sister


The Bookstore at Holiday Bay

Lou Prescott – owner of Firehouse Books, along with Velma (Toby – cat, Houdini – cat)

Velma Crawford – owner of Firehouse Books, along with Lou

Eden Halliwell – full-time bookstore employee

Royce Crawford – Velma’s husband and member of Tuesday night group

Cricket Abernathy – All About Bluebells – Thursday Group

Marnie Abernathy - All About Bluebells – Thursday Group

Ethel Covington – craft shop – Wednesday night group

Astoria Walton – owns wine bar – Wednesday night group

Andy Anderson – owner of Surfside Deli, along with Eli

Eli Anderson – owner of Surfside Deli, along with Andy

Savannah Davenport – all three book clubs – Joel’s friend

Joel Stafford – head of Murder on Tuesdays

George Baxter – part-time resident – Murder on Tuesdays

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